Mick Jenkins and Freddie Gibbs is a collab that feels long overdue, and on this release, the pair unleash a myriad of flows that excite and mesmerize the listener.

"Show & Tell" is taken from Mick's latest album The Patience. Ironically, from his tone on this track, we can tell that he's done being patient as a sense of fury can be picked up from his vocal delivery. Mick's words are enlivened by the emotions behind them, while Freddie arrives with a suave demeanor thanks to his versatile flows throughout his section.

The Patience just came out today and is star-studded as it features names like VIC MENSA, JID, and Benny the Butcher. If you're just as excited as I then feel free to dive into the album below:

MICK JENKINS · The Patience

posted by Lu
August 2023