Whoa, what a way to start the week.

I'm pretty sure the name Midnight.Blue doesn't ring any bell but there's a good reason for that - you're listening to a debut piece. And who's behind this magnificent experience? The answer will probably blow you away.

Midnight.Blue is the collaborative project of Adam Deitch (Lettuce, Ledisi, John Scofield Band), Lyle Divinsky (formerly The Motet), Eric "Benny "Bloom (Lettuce, Jon Cleary, Pretty Lights Live Band), Drew Sayers (The Motet), Joshua Fairman (SunSquabi), Ian Gilley (Recess, Late Night Radio), and Jay.Greens (Perception Records). The first official release is called "Take The Time", and as you can imagine, is a stellar journey through funk, jazz, soul, and everything in between. Joshua Fairman shares:

"Take The Time" was one of those tunes that continued to develop throughout the process, we all were so inspired by each other's ideas that we kept morphing and changing things until we got to the finished product you hear now. That’s been one of the cool overarching themes of the whole project, everything was so collaborative and we all really pushed each other and inspired each other.

Midnight.Blue started out as a way for us to stay busy, collaborate and play music with our friends during the early days of the pandemic. It really blossomed into something special over the course of a few years in the studio. As the project grew we continued to involve more of our friends and ended up with this incredible lineup of seriously high caliber musicians. I feel like we have really put together a band with a new sound for Denver and I’m really excited to get this track, and our album “Breathe” out there over the course of the next few months. Stay tuned for more releases and some exciting show announcements via Perception Records soon!

posted by Nasko
June 2022