A true 90's r&b revival... wrapped with a layer of contemporary sound. Now that's what I call a soothing beauty.

Meet Australian artist Milan Ring. Her new single "2063" made me smile. As the sun was shining bright on my face this morning on the way to work while biking, listening to this felt like such trip to a place where nothing matters and everything always turns out okay.

Fusing neo-soul, hip hop and sounds from North & South America and the Caribbean, Milan seems like someone to  genuinely be excited about. Going back to "2063", besides her vocals, what I did seriously enjoy were those guitar licks. I don't know why, but there's something about them. Can't put this into words, but they stood ou

On the track, Milan shares:

"2063" is essentially a love song about focusing on the important things and not getting caught up in the negative chatter, but it also plays upon the telepathic connection I believe we can have with our loved ones. Like when you think of someone right before they call"

posted by Ivo
April 2018