Let me introduce you all to Benjamin David - the brilliant mind (pun intended) behind Mild Minds, and the newest addition to ODESZA's label, Foreign Family Collective. An outlet for musicians and visual artists alike curated by the electronic/production duo.

At the young age of 13, David had already begun creating his own music back in his home in Australia. After being the creative force behind several successful artist projects, he released his EP titled SWIM back in September 2018.

He describes it as "Simultaneously dance-y and introspective. Painting a nuanced story atop of melancholic melodies and lo-fi house influence beats". I see quite a bit of resemblance in sound to Toro Y Moi. So, those who are fans of Moi's early works, I guarantee, will appreciate this.

The EP was written, explored and created between Joshua Tree and Lake Arrowhead.

David explained that he wanted to do something that was completely 'him' in that moment. After having elaborate visions since working on songs for a while, he found it nice to simply make music as it came out without having to overthink and question the process as he used to.

Though the EP is a little over 3 months old, it's definitely one of my favourites for 2019 already.
posted by Zuli
January 2019