Listeners that pay close attention to songwriting are bound to be appeased by Miller Blue's writing on his latest single "Love, Trust, Patience."

Miller Blue is a UK-based soul and r&b artist whose been lauded by platforms such as COLORS, Ones To Watch, and Oculate. "Love, Trust, Patience" is part of his new EP 4 Degrees of Separation, which describes the various stages of a relationship in such a gripping manner.

"Show me the words that you hide from everyone else" is one of the many lines written here that are poignant and extremely relatable for many that yearn for intimacy. His stellar lyricism is coupled with soulful keys and gleaming synths that are scattered throughout the verses and chorus.

"Through this song, Miller Blue attempts to mend the difficulties that often arise in relationships over time. Arranged chronologically to highlight each phase, the EP is allowing listeners to fully immerse themselves in the experience," they said.

posted by Lu
May 2023