Friday starts with a splash of sexy thanks to award-winning Aotearoa New Zealand duo Haz (Harry Huavi) & Miloux (Rebecca Melrose). If you like the soulfulness of SZA and the playfulness of Arlo Parks, you'll love this next feature.

"Three" is the debut single from their highly anticipated second EP Brunette released via Bigpop Records.

Listening to this gorgeousness makes me feel both relaxed and excited. I sense a splash of gospel and soul in this rather contemporary r&b track and think it's what truly makes it shine. Miloux's captivating vocals paired with the edgy beat crafted by Hanz are a match made in heaven.

"Three is about mutually being in a rebound situation and craving the immediate intimacy and closeness of what you've just lost, but ultimately realising you just craved some validation and some escapism” shares Miloux. “It's about knowing that you would always keep this person at arm's length and never truly invest any further (go up then I reach for the fall, soon I'll leave you with nothing at all)” 

“Like most of our songs we create it always starts with the loop” elaborates Haz “which for Three was just some nice Rhodes chords I processed with some effects. We laid down some demo vocals, structured it a bit & sent it to my bro Frank Keys to add to the bass line."

posted by Ivo
November 2022