Have you ever felt like floating?

This hazy, alt r&b piece from the wonderful NYC singer Miranda Joan & UK producer Sly5thAve will help with reaching this state of weightlessness.

"Zero Gravity" is the focus track of Miranda's new album Overstimulated - a collection of 11 songs, co-created with CARRTOONS. She shares, “The two-hour bike ride and hour and a half I’d spend on the train each way to Ben’s studio, I’d listen to what we did and often come up with ideas. It just flowed, this entire project. Ben (CARRTOONS) has been a true co-pilot on this journey and I’m so grateful the universe opened up in this way.”

The tune, which opens her creative galaxy to us, has an ethereal, cinematic-meets-jazz atmosphere, with Miranda's vocals flowing like a magic spell. The production, elevated by Sly, is deep & warm, starting off in a slow groove but building up & nearly exploding like a supernova towards the end.

You should absolutely check the full album out:

posted by Nasko
November 2023