9 months = 5 releases through Stereofox. I can't hide my joy at the fact that it's been almost 10 months (-1 day) since the beginning of 2022 (wow, time flies so fast). We have released 5 extraordinary projects with Misc.Inc, we have 3 more to go before the end of the year, and believe me we got plenty of surprises and new music coming out from the German electronic producer. I am the happiest artist manager on Earth to have the privilege to be working with such a talented, hard-working musician and an awesome human being. We achieved a lot, but the best is yet to come.

Marc is building a solid reputation for himself in the Global electronica scene and he is continuing to exponentially grow with each new release. His new melodic house gem welcomes Fall in the warmest way with its uplifting groove, airy sound design, and sparkling harmonies and melodies. On top of that, he stays true to his unique sound by adding his favorite dreamy chopped vox, which will melt your heart.

Here are some of his thoughts during one of our brainstorming sessions about the idea behind the track:

"After years of illusions, you finally arrive where you wanted to be.
You’ve found yourself.
The tears, the desperation, and the frustration of your past are all blown away, by this epiphany.
You know this state is only going to last for so long, but you enjoy it and feel confident.
Life is about cycles and you’re experiencing a peak.
Life is good and you hope it stays so for just a little longer, knowing it can’t last for it would be of no value otherwise.

A song about the homecoming of your soul."

Available for streaming and purchase here.

posted by Boris
September 2022