Misha did it again.

The Finnish producer constantly brings quality music - and his new release holds a wonderful surprise. "Questions" features Moonchild's own Amber Navran, as well as his long-time collaborator Jussi Halme & the Grammy-winning producer Dylan Graham.

As you can imagine, the result is smoother than silk, with vocals lighter than air, a captivating drum groove - Misha's signature, and fascinating synths from Halme. And if this isn't enough, Amber adds another layer of magic - her wonderful flute.

"Question" is a song about respect - as Misha explains, the song "encourages the listener to exhibit greater attention and respect, recognizing that sometimes these sentiments lie subtly between the lines of communication. Respect is also about the way one speaks and the consideration given to the choice of words."

The official music video is certainly something not to miss - done in the '80s video game aesthetic:

posted by Nasko
September 2023