Ever since I got into the whole baile/trap beats, I've wanted to make a mix series dedicated to the sound and while I rarely find myself in such parties, I seriously think it's one of the most vibrant and interesting genre combinations.

I've been collecting tracks for a long, long time, so coming up with this mix felt rather easy and I hope you guys enjoy the 20+ minutes selection. Besides the prominent Brazilian baile funk vibe, expect a lot of latin patterns, hip hop, trap and r&b elements. The perfect end of summer bass mix.

ps the mix is also available on YouTube


  1. [00:00] Drew - "Swagging Like Sango"
  2. [02:36] Smooth Operator 3000 - "Bailekah Badu"
  3. [05:32] Smooth Operator 3000 - "Malanga"
  4. [08:15] lehvi - "pineapple pool party" (sango taught me)
  5. [10:38] Drew - "Ipamena Girl"
  6. [13:25] magic flowers - "fresh out"
  7. [16:28] DKVPZ - "Nao Olha Pro Lado"
  8. [20:08] lotso - "this is afro america"