My first feature of Ian Ewing dates all the way back to 2015, roughly around the time I started to transition in the the beat scene (if I can generalize it as such). It's been a long journey and I've always had short, but funny interactions with the hummus-loving US producer. One thing I've noticed - he's grinding extremely hard and he is super consistent when it come to releasing great music. Another think I appreciate about him is the collaboration and sound diversity. Expect anything from trappy, r&b-inspired sounds to... super zen, near-downtempo songs which would make you feel lighter than a feather.

The Best Of mix series aims to showcase our favourite artists and is a homage to their art.

I hope you enjoy the hour-long mix, I must say I'm extremely happy how this turned out, took me a few weeks of planning, but I think the flow is... smooth and would allow you to enter a really warm comfort zone... and just feel happy. Thanks, Ian!

ps the mix is also on YouTube


  1. [00:00] Ian Ewing x Philanthrope - "Smart Gurl in a Skort" (Chillhop Summer Essentials)
  2. [02:11] Ian Ewing - "Noh Life"
  3. [05:10] Ian Ewing - "Trust In You" ft. A Sol Mechanic
  4. [08:02] Ian Ewing - "slippin pool party"
  5. [11:24] Ian Ewing - "FloatLife"
  6. [14:15] Ian Ewing - "Shade"
  7. [17:34] Ian Ewing - "Cute Face"
  8. [20:05] Ian Ewing - "Four Grand" (Sundae Sauuce Compilation)
  9. [23:11] Machinedrum - "Infinite Us" (Ian Ewing & Flamingosis Flip)
  10. [26:15] Ian Ewing - "4:21 pm" (Chillhop Winter Essentials)
  11. [29:12] Ian Ewing x Flamingosis - "Supreme Homies"
  12. [31:40] Ian Ewing - "Futari Flight" (w/ Flamingosis)
  13. [34:33] Ian Ewing - "MKE to CHI"
  14. [38:01] Ian Ewing x Flamingosis - "Unfukwitable"
  15. [40:30] Flamingosis x Ian Ewing - "Stop Stressin"
  16. [42:19] Ian Ewing x Flamingosis - "Last Night (3am)"
  17. [44:14] Ian Ewing & Garrett Benally - "MelodySoul"
  18. [48:11] Ian Ewing ⁃ Phases (feat. Virginia Palms)
  19. [51:26] Edamame - "Mango pulp" ft Ian Ewing