I've been thinking about a new mix idea for a while now. Since I started getting into putting stuff together not only for Stereofox, but for fun, it's always nice to have a "purpose" behind it. Sometimes I would just chill at home and try to fit various songs with each other just for fun. That's how this first experimental edition of the Best Of mix series came to life.

The Best Of mix series aims to showcase our favourite artists and is a homage to their art.

I've been collecting j'san music for over a year now and one chilled evening I felt like listening to the exact sound ambiance which the French producer creates. It's a very nice, somehow indie-sounding blend of lofi hip hop, chillhop and bluesy guitars. So, yeah - this came to life.

We will start putting together some of the best tracks of the artists we love, so we can showcase their talent and also provide you with longer mixes for... your pleasure? Enjoy!