Samples are great. A fuel behind some of beat and electronic scenes' best tracks we all love and play on repeat. If you explore the depths of the chillhop / lofi hip hop scene, you will eventually realize there's a name which pops up quite often. Shiloh Dynasty, or Shiloh.

Who is Shiloh Dynasty?

Well, from what I've read on the Internet, no one really knows. As a matter of fact, people still debate whether Shiloh is a girl or a boy. Honestly, in the age of Internet transparency, having this person who is completely wrapped in anonymity is kinda awesome. · Best of Shiloh Dynasty 🎧 lofi hip hop | chillhop mix

It all started with snippets of Shiloh (on Instagram and YouTube) performing covers and own songs. Then producers from all around the world took those samples and created some of the most touching, intimate beats out there. Beats which have made me extremely sad and happy in the same time. Honestly, Shiloh's voice is one of the most angelic & soothing things I've ever heard in my life.

I've spent hours listening to her/his snippets and tracks sampling those gorgeous vocals and while a lot of them are not a new anymore, I thought a Best Of remix would be something awesome to do. Hence... welcome to the latest installment in our best of series.

The Best Of mix series aims to showcase our favourite artists and is a homage to their art.

I hope you enjoy the 45 minutes of chill / mellow vibes and this mix (also on YouTube).

Tracklist (all ft shiloh):

  1. [00:00] buster - "in these arms tonight"
  2. [02:11] saint romain - "we hide from the rain"
  3. [03:46] sagun - "i'm drunk and confused" ft shiloh
  4. [05:49] sagun - "i know you so well" ft shiloh
  5. [07:38] kurt steward - "novacane"
  6. [09:19] ondi vi - "poison the brain"
  7. [11:14] cucu - "i don't trust nobody"
  8. [12:10] kina - "ure mine"
  9. [14:23] timmies - "you are loving"
  10. [15:52] yapuzo - "so low"
  11. [18:10] floreyyy - "not even her"
  12. [21:02] jordan maxwell - "is it too much to ask for"
  13. [22:37] tsuki - "who?"
  14. [25:06] kling - "keep u safe"
  15. [27:02] timmies - "you can't control my heart"
  16. [29:23] timmies - "losing interest"
  17. [32:11] sagun - "trust nobody love, nobody the same"
  18. [33:15] jasper - "losing interest"
  19. [34:30] tsuki - "tell me"
  20. [37:50] saint romain - "we hide from the rain"
  21. [39:09] emiliano - "drunk and confused"
  22. [41:16] emiliano - "don't go to sleep"
  23. [42:46] timmies - "tell me why"