I’ve been fascinated with chillhop beats for the past few years and while the term could be interpreted rather vague-ly, there are a few distinct branches in it. Lofi hip hop and jazz hop are I guess the most closely associated (sub)genres, but there’s one direction I love the most. Ironically, it’s the kind of beats which I find hardest to find - the bossa nova beats.

I find Brazil as a country, culture and musical heritage extremely fascinating. Baile funk is another genre I love a lot, but bossa nova really won my heart. As a genre is also highly incorporated in jazz patterns. Plus, the message and the feel is just so… idk, chill?

So, a few weeks ago I set myself a deadline to come up with a nice selection of such mix to share with you guys and I am happy that the bossa nova beats mix is finally here and I hope you enjoy it.

The mix is also on YouTube.


  1. [00:00] Kavi - "& kites"
  2. [01:47] Funkmammoth - "Ipanema"
  3. [03:54] naj - "vao la"
  4. [06:20] Bonus Points - "Waves"
  5. [08:55] Taz Lazuli - "Water Song"
  6. [11:32] Bonus Points - "Friday Vibes"
  7. [12:48] wun two -"winter in rio"
  8. [14:16] CrazyJaZz - "The Bossa"
  9. [15:55] saib. - "sao paulo sunset"
  10. [19:11] Bonus Points - "Martini"
  11. [20:49] Nicobox - "bossa"
  12. [24:05] Lofi Coffee - "Valencia Street"
  13. [25:15] xPanda - "Bossa Fresh"
  14. [28:40] random bossa nova beat I found, but didn't have artist name
  15. [30:44] saib. - "brazil"