Last year we spoke with edapollo on his future plans, the big life changes around him and of course music.

As part of the interview, the Australia-based, UK-born producer created Daydreams of a Desert Sunrise. A mix that creates a beautiful progression of downtempo, progressive, and deephouse featuring tons of my favorite producers.

Here's a quote from the interview with edapollo.

I’ll call it ‘daydreams of a desert sunrise’ which is a probably a good way to describe it. It’s an atmospheric journey, starting slowly, then gradually building throughout.

01. Nuages - "evenings"
02. Yonderling & Feverkin - "Nightshfit"
03. Marley Carroll - "Shiver"
04. il:lo - "Biome"
05. edapollo - "Silk Spirals"
06. edapollo - "Aurora"
07. Ben Bohmer - "Flug & Fall"
08. Charles Murdoch - "Super Pop Song Not Depressing"
09. Bonobo - "Linked"