Time for 2018's first Songs To Chill To edition. I've scavenged quite a few chilled track this past month and a half, so there's quite a lot of material to bring our zen levels to that perfect state when nothing else matter and life is simply put beautiful.

The Songs To Chill To mix is a small collection of electronic, ambient, chillhop and jazzhop sounds perfect for when... you just can't be bothered to do anything.

This mix is a mix between spaced tracks and jazzhop. The kind of music to listen to while in bed on a Sunday morning.


01. nymano x saib. - "night walk"
02. be dar - "you know"
03. Juan RIOS - "Perenne"
04. Limes - "St. Clements" w/ mujo
05. EMERLD - "Jazz And Fairy Lights"