It's Sunday, so it's time for some chilled music and the 2nd Songs To Chill To mix.

This one turned a bit more upbeat-ish than the first edition, but nonetheless - BPM stays pretty smooth and perfect to calm yourself down. Actually, as I'm writing this I wish I had finally pushed myself and bought a coffee machine, so those morning get slightly better. Trust me, it's no fun walking around Berlin when it's -5 outside.

I have to say - Ruck P's brass section in the mid of the mix really adds a nice positive feel to my morning. I hope you guys enjoy this week's selection!

The Songs To Chill To mix is a small collection of electronic, ambient, chillhop and jazzhop sounds perfect for when... you just can't be bothered to do anything.

01. Avrell - "branleur"
02. JVNE - "Not Much"
03. Ruck P - "Belvedere"
04. Mounika. - "Please"
05. Cody G. - "Ukulele and chill"
06. Mounika. - "I'm Away"