Ahh, at least - I found some time to put together our next Songs To Chill To mixes and it feels good. Things turned out pretty lofi and I hope the next 17+ minutes add some niceness to your Sunday.

The Songs To Chill To mix is a small collection of electronic, ambient, chillhop and jazzhop sounds perfect for when... you just can't be bothered to do anything.

Shoutout to those talented producers listed below. Their music =  pure light.


01. Juan RIOS - "Colores"
02. ?? - "you should be here"
03. Ian Ewing - "Futari Flight" (w/ Flamingosis)
04. Saib. x Karmawin - "Warm Feeling."
05. ozoyo - "chiosfruits"
06. Sal Dulu - "Duluoz Dream"
07. Vanilla - "Blue Sun"