It's been ages since I wanted to start another mix series besides Songs To Chill & Groove To. There have been a few topics which I've played around with, but for some reason the mellow mix felt most natural next step.

It has been a weird few days and despite the fact that I've switched genres, the mellow kind of music really felt the only right thing to do. Also, lately my write ups have been rather informative than personal, so I thought this kind of music would unlock that kind of stream of thoughts and it actually did. I didn't feel like writing all things which went through my mind while listening this mix (you know for errors and stuff), but it felt nice to be locked into this sound place and figure out next steps especially when it comes to Stereofox.  I've come to the realization that I would never be satisfied with the current state of things and if one day this happens, that would be the day which I've given up. Things would never be perfect, but also there's a fine line between striving for more and beating yourself up. This is a thing I feel if one masters, life really turns around.

Anyway. What will be the purpose of this mix series?

Songs To Mellow Out To is the kind of music one finds himself listening to on a quiet/lonesome weekend evening. The kind of lonely evenings we all sometimes need.

The track selection is quite diverse and it features tracks which are a few years old, but really dear to my heart (especially TWOS's "Stay" (Feola Remix) which we featured back in 2014.


01. Late June - "it was always you"
02. TWOS - "Stay" (Feola remix)
03. London Grammar - "Hey Now" (calfana dreams remix)
04. N U A G E S - "Lately"
05. Frank Ocean - "White Ferrari" (Dont leaveme Bootleg)
06. vassh - "did me wrong."