August is towards its end and the long light summer nights are slowly fading away, so that cozy, quiet Sunday evenings at home  are slowly becoming reality again.

A lot of the tracks in the 2nd Songs To Mellow Out To mix aren't necessary new, but putting them together felt like such a good fit, I just had to create this next edition. This edition also goes back to the uk garage roots with Azaleh's beautiful tracks towards the end of the mix. Basically music to space out to.

Songs To Mellow Out To is the kind of music one finds himself listening to on a quiet/lonesome weekend evening. The kind of lonely evenings we all sometimes need.


01. N U A G E S - "for you"
02. Giraffage - "Make You Love Me"
03. Luka - "Fault Line"
04. Azaleh - "Rainy Nights"
05. Azaleh - "Forever In My Heart"