This is way overdue, but despite my initial thoughts, I've found it really hard to get into the right zone to record the Songs To Mellow Out To. I guess in the evening where I feel like this, the last thing I want to do is... just chill, nothing else actually. Bu, on the bright side - the 3rd edition is ready and is basically a homage to some of my bass-heavy, spaced out future r&b tracks out there. Hope you guys enjoy this.

Songs To Mellow Out To is the kind of music one finds himself listening to on a quiet/lonesome weekend evening. The kind of lonely evenings we all sometimes need.

I recorded the whole thing in one go and without thinking what should come next prior starting. Things felt pretty fluid and the flow somehow came to its place without much struggle.


  1. falls x drk - tell me
  2. DAILY - Slow Wave
  3. Dpat - Above Us (Ft. Sango & Isles)
  4. Atu - The Duo ft. Sango
  5. Good Lee - Minute of Peace