Dreamy California sunsets and an utterly laid back vibe. That's all I keep thinking while listening to Mk.gee's track "Priorities".

Drawing influences from indie / dream pop & of course influence of funk, jazz and R&B, this track is the absolute feel-good experience. I really miss finding tracks with such vibe lately. Listening to it made me so, so happy this morning.

This beauty is taken off his debut project Pronounced McGee, which I highly recommend you guys checking out. When it comes to the album recording, Michael shares...

"A lot of the writing/recording on the album was done to pictures and video which later translated to specific feelings and tones at specific times of the day - I wanted use a lot more live instruments through the album compared to the stuff I have done before.

I’m not trying to make 70’s or 80’s revival music, I’m just trying to use these older sounds and re-conceptualize them, using them in ways that past players or producers maybe haven’t before."

posted by Ivo
July 2018