RAC, the Remix Artist Collective, have been putting out great remixes ever since I got into the electronic scene. The main players are ANDRÉ ALLEN ANJOS KARL KLING, and including ANDREW MAURY they have also produced a number of albums that I am sure a lot of you listen to. Click here for their 'portfolio' of over 200 remixes of some great tracks, and Andre recently released a track 'Hollywood', which I am sure you would recognise, that he worked on with Penguin Prison, the first featured track of the album that was released in early 2013.

Andre also works on some material with his wife, which you can check out clicking here. So as you may have noticed, RAC are involved in a lot these days, and here is a track I have had on repeat for the first few days of summer which has finally arrived! It has a nice funky vibe, and I hope you enjoy!

posted by Ivo
May 2013