I'm trying to make summer stay at all costs and this warm electronic gem helps the nights to stay endless.

Legendary German DJ & producer Jan Blomqvist (read our interview with him) reimagined independent singer & filmmaker Mogli's "Summer Love" as a hypnotizing electronica piece, adding his beautifully crafted synths & driving beatwork to Mogli's hazy voice. He shares, "I love the idea of collaboration. Great artistic collaboration means constantly improving your arts by pushing creative boundaries. I love Mogli´s singing and instantly clicked with her song. I really felt I could make a contribution to her wonderful piece of art. The rest is history and I hope you enjoy."

Following her transformative voyage of self-discovery, as narrated in her recent album and film Ravage, Mogli's latest single "Summer Love" radiates a majestic celebration of carefree, childlike bliss, rooted in authentic love and genuine connections. She elaborates about the remix, "I have always embodied opposites in myself and my art. This remix is the dark to my light – it adds depth to the lightness of the original and feels like the missing piece to describe one of the best summers of my life."

Immerse yourself in this beauty.

posted by Nasko
September 2023