Mom Tudie collaborated with vocalist Sahra Sure and multi-instrumentalist Quinn Oulton to deliver an addictive funk, contemporary R&B, nu jazz piece. The masterful instrumental and multilayered vocals in “Take Your Time” instantly draw you in with their symbiotically sounding unconventionality.

As soon as Sahra Sure’s comforting voice started manifesting positivity and self-assurance, I knew I’d love the song and its message. It came to no surprise to later find out that according to the artists, the track is “an uplifting reflection on self-confidence, [an exploration of] its importance, and how to overcome [one’s self] when it's dwindling.” Next time my self-confidence is dwindling, you bet I will be humming myself this one! 

By the end of the track, I could really appreciate how the depth and relevance of the lyrics, pertinent to all, are also conveyed instrumentally throughout; yet, it was the lush electronic-inspired sax that stuck with me. 

posted by Hristina
November 2020