The six-piece hip hop group Monster Florence started their journey in Essex and are now the active members behind their own immersive world where rap, alt-pop, punk, indie, and psychedelic rock are living together under the shelter of their albums. It all started with a few studio sessions between producer Tom and vocalist Alex. Then all six of them gathered together from their different musical backgrounds, and a rare genre-fluid group is now crossing our path.

The blend of jazz, hip-hop, soul, and indie caught the attention of BBC6, NME, Clash, Trench, and many more, but with a groove like that, I do not stutter with surprise. After a couple of unapologetic singles and sold-out shows last year, Monster Florence is getting ready with their new album Master System, which will be out on February 10th, and the vibrant new offering "Spaceman" gives you everything you need.

It's jazzy, sharp, and progressive. Here, the group channels the individual stories that made them disassociated from the world growing up. And if you relate, you can find comfort, but even if you don't, nod along. They'll give you no other choice.

posted by Krisi
4 weeks ago