Setting off to the Moon today.

Two acts who are regular guests in our feed - Dutch producer Moods and Australian trio daste., bring their first-ever collaboration and it does not disappoint.

Sci-fi feel brought by the synths and soulful touch by the mellow vocals, all lead by the sweet groove of the drums - "Moonrider" will send you to a dreamy outer space. Moods shares:

The instrumental demo I sent to daste. was heavily influenced by sci-fi films and the idea of actually being out in space. My main focus was creating sounds that didn't make sense at first. But in a certain context it could work. It was a labour of complete weird bleepy chaos, using various synths just to sprinkle that around on the track as you hear now.

daste., too, elaborate:

The demo caught our attention immediately. It had such an eccentric, sci-fi vibe. We could hear a lot of references to a mission involving the stars and the moon in Callum’s initial lyrics which gave us the idea for the focus expression ‘moonrider’. It became about the moon and the unreachable goal of getting up there and seeing the universe together.

"Moonrider" is out via our matest at Boogie Angst.

posted by Nasko
October 2020