For his return to Berlin-based label Stereofox, Rushkeys has completely transformed “Anhaga” into a serene and journey-like listening experience.

This is the second single from Mookee's Alinea EP Remixes, and it also stands as the most cinematic piece of music in the project. Lithuanian producer Rushkeys has layered these towering strings and horns throughout the progression, and they're complemented by ethnic embellishments and bright percussion textures. Where Mookee and Rushkeys meet eye to eye is that they both are able to create a captivating blend between organic and electronic, making Rushkeys the ideal artist to reimagine "Anhaga".

Rushkeys adds, "I'm a big fan of his music and his latest release has been on my playlist for a long time. I chose the track Anhaga because I liked its cinematic sound and how beautifully instrumental textures are combined with electronic timbres. I tried to interpret the tune through my creative voice by taking it somewhere slightly new. I did it by giving more tense electronics, faster tempo and floaty vibe while capturing its original spirit."

The story behind the release you can find out about here.

posted by Lu
December 2023