Over the past few months, Mookee's Alinea Remixed EP has gradually been teased. Today, the project finally sees the light of day, and listeners can experience it as a journey from start to finish.

Mookee has assembled some of the most prominent names in the realm of downtempo/electronica including PALLADIAN, Rushkeys, eeph, and Tenem. A bulk of the tracks possess a calming allure with a lively rhythmic undertone. However Tenem's rendition of "Nasci" and the club edit of "Moss" stand out as the most energetic tracks on the project. This new version of Moss reminds us of Bonobo in many ways, and here Mookee trades in his signature organic touch for glossy synths that breathe life into the track.

The release of Mookee's beautifully made Alinea EP along with his vision for the remix project certainly propels him further in his career, and solidifies him as an artist to watch.

You're welcome to find out more about Alinea Remixed here.

posted by Lu
January 2024