PALLADIAN's rendition of "Moss" is a slow burner that pulls listeners in and eventually immerses them in an experience that's comforting and colorful.

To kick off the release of Alinea EP Remixed, Mookee has invited the iconic Italian duo PALLADIAN to transform the lead single "Moss" into a sonic journey ideal for relaxation. This showcases PALLADIAN's signature sound that blends organica with lush synths, and this beautifully complements Mookee's overall aesthetic too.  Alinea Remixed EP includes contributions from prominent artists in the downtempo genre, and in the next release we'll get to hear Rushkeys' interpolation of "Anhaga".

''While we preserved the essence of Mookee's original song, we also took the creative freedom to introduce innovative elements. One highlight is the vocal sample, which adds depth and nostalgia to the remix, enhancing the overall experience. We had a fantastic time infusing our own style into Moss and we're very thrilled and proud with the final result.'' - PALLADIAN

posted by Lu
October 2023