Throughout his newest project Alinea EP, German producer Mookee has combined a wide variety of organic textures with an electronic touch for quite a multi-colored experience.

The track "Nasci" is the opener, and it's characterized by a gorgeous string section that brings the track to life thanks to its cinematic allure. In fact, Mookee seamlessly flaunts his instrumental background as we're also acquainted with tasteful and subtle guitar arrangements, and different rhythm combinations throughout. I can't neglect to mention the rich electronic influence that's present, especially since it signifies a new sonic direction for Mookee.

This is his debut release with Stereofox and with this Emancipator-reminiscent vibe, Mookee brings a nostalgic energy to the world of downtempo.

"Alinea literally means “away from the line”. It is also known as the paragraph symbol, representing a new paragraph, which is why it is also translated to “the beginning of a new train of thought”. Alinea is about letting go of expectations and old habits, following impulses more than a strategy, to create more from a flow and not overthinking the outcome", says Mookee.

You're welcome to find out more about Mookee's Alinea EP here.

posted by Lu
July 2023