I am always super excited to discover new artists with a unique sound. That's how I came across the beautiful art of the South Korean electronica producer Moon Kyoo.

After releasing his first few works through renowned labels like Anjunadeep and Armada Music, the Korean producer now debuts his first self-release called "Ten Birds".

Imagine Rival Consoles meets Clams Casino meets Ben Böhmer that's maybe the easiest way to describe the encapsulation of his sound. Intriguing modular synthesizers that your heart will vibrate with dark soundscapes, complex & colorful textures with soothing & spacious vox lines which perfectly blend with the other instruments in the arrangement.

What I like the most is the contrast between the distorted drums together with that headbanging bassline and the interstellar atmosphere that the track has.

"Ten Birds" will definitely strike your chords.

"I made this song during the most difficult time of my life so far, and I’m glad that I can share my feelings and perception towards life I have at the moment. It’s not necessarily about the negatives, but more about the complexity and hopefulness, and the feeling of connectiveness with something beyond our consciousness. Thanks for being here with me!"

Moon Kyoo
posted by Boris
August 2022