I know we're riding the high off Leena's Labyrinth of the Subconscious release, but there's one more album I need to highlight. The listener is me can't go away for the weekend without praising Moonchild's Stairfruit which also dropped today.

We've covered all the singles prior the album drop, so today I'm cherry picking my favourite track off the he long-awaited fifth album from LA-trio.

It was hard to pick from the 14 tracks, but "Get By" featuring the legendary 4-piece Tank and The Bangas was such an instant feel-good, I just couldn't pass on it. So much synergy right there! By the way, if you haven't seen their NPR Tiny Desk, hop on that after this feature.

Now back to "Get By". Besides hella fresh blend of soul, r&b, and hip hop comes with one of the dopest most playful animations. Watching this just made my day.

The album, as a whole, showcases the respect, musical understanding, and love the trio have, both for each other and for the noteworthy list of collaborators featured on the album. Can't wait to feature more of it!

posted by Ivo
February 2022