Another blessing from Moonchild & Tru Thoughts Records.

The LA trio continues to bring the softest tunes - the acoustic versions of their highly acclaimed songs which will be part of a new EP called Reflections, inspired by their already legendary NPR Tiny Desk performance.

And here comes the delicate "Money", taken from their 2019 Little Ghost record. A version that feels as natural as the original, with more focus & space for the organic instrumentation.

Amber, the lead singer, shares, “Moonchild started as a horn section. One of our favorite parts about playing live is playing our horns together and picking up on the nuances and personality each person adds to the lines that eventually become a part of the song. We’ve been playing this arrangement of “Money” live for four years now and it’s grown along the way into what you hear on this record. We hope you enjoy!”

The 6-piece EP (also including their iconic "Back To Me", "The List" & more, is due later this autumn.

posted by Nasko
September 2023