Ah, the smoothness.

The middle of the working week is the hardest, especially in August, but there are things that brighten your day. And what better than a new Moonchild?

"Money", out of their fourth album Little Ghost, will certainly melt you to the core. Not only thanks to Amber's mesmerizing voice, but also the catchy beatwork & slick electronic elements, topped up with jazzy notes. The vocalist explains the meaning behind the title:

As a creative, we all feel a lot of uncertainty at any given part of the process. Sometimes it stops us from taking steps forward, or from putting out music. I’ve felt and pushed through that, and I have so many very talented friends struggling with the same feelings. This song is for one of them in particular but applies to all of us.

Hope you have a gorgeous Wednesday and I'm sure Moonchild will be of huge help.

posted by Nasko
August 2019