Moonchild are pure bliss.

The US trio (which we recorded a Fox Tales podcast episode with) re-imagine their original piece from Voyager (2017) - "The List" and turn it into a soulful and jazzy acoustic fairy tale.

The new version showcases Moonchild’s appreciation for new instrumentation, the influence of their live shows, and their constantly developing creative perspectives. Yet another reason to absolutely love Amber's voice which is superb in any setting and ambiance.

"Moonchild has been such a learning and growing process for all of us over the last ten years. I know that I’ve grown so much as a singer since we recorded “The List” for the first time. It feels great to record a new version of the song that reflects the singer I am today.", shares the singer.

This new version comes a year after Amber, Andris, and Max dropped their critically acclaimed 2022 record Starfruit (via Tru Thoughts) and it's built on the foundations of acoustic guitar tinges and layered vocals that have become a staple of Moonchild's more recent recording and live performances.

Beautiful and soul-touching.

posted by Ivo
February 2023