Embracing life's beauty today.

Moonchild's unique & effortless blend of newschool jazz, soul and a pinch of folk takes its peak in "The Other Side", taken from their Little Ghost album. This version, out today via Tru Thoughts, is recorded during their 2019 tour (I was blessed to see them in Barcelona).

The song tells the story about the later stages of a lifelong love - Amber’s bittersweet lyrics revolve around the cliché that “the grass is greener on the other side”. She elaborates:

Having the same fight over and over, feeling like you have to tread lightly, feeling exhausted instead of appreciated, looking at the relationships around you and wondering if you should pack up and try again. Deciding not to go, deciding to rediscover why you fell in love, focusing on the things about your partner that you take for granted and making it work. Knowing that the problem isn’t that you’re with the wrong person, but that you’re romanticizing “The Other Side” instead of remembering why you love the one you’re with.

Hope this song brings you some peace, clarity and maybe closure.

posted by Nasko
December 2020