Jazzheads and people who love to move your heaps, while we don't always think of you - now it's your time! A friend just sent me Moses Boyd's 2020 album Dark Matter album and I literally started blasting it in my house and dancing like a maniac. Not sure if it's the #stayhome energy or the 6pm coffee I had, but boy those grooves are out of this world.

Afro-beats, jazz rhythms and a ball of energy that will channel through your body if you dive into this track. Not sure if the words give this away, but I am beyond hyped. Maybe because it's been a while I've been dwelling in those genres, but music does feel like love right now.

I love this quote from The Guardian - "Moses Boyd is a drummer in the same way Questlove from the Roots is a drummer." The young Londoner is a drummer, composer, producer and most importantly - someone who really knows how to put genres together. The whole sonic experience around the album is simply put superb and if you want to travel somewhere exotic while being at home - look no further.

posted by Ivo
April 2020