Mothica's gorgeous vocals and Subsets production skills are two things which definitely stack well together.

I'm not even where to start when "taking on" this track. Must say I'm seriously impressed with Mothica for quite some time. The NY-based singer/producer & designer (yep, there are some multi-talented people out there) has been pretty active on the scene last year. She released some seriously haunting collabs with bearface last year, but since a few months she's been releasing some really must-hear solo releases, which I should probably get to in the near future.

I've decided to add the original "Golden Hands" below, so you can see how further Subsets has pushed the track. The UK ambient/bass producer is also someone we've already "noted" on the fox and I think this remix is the perfect example of his skills. The whole thing has this slight Lana Del Ray-ish vibe, but... better.

posted by Ivo
March 2016