It's nice to hear this line from time to time.

US hip hop artist MSNGR delivers this soulful piece, produced by eeryskies, with powerful & touching storytelling:

This song is inspired by my real-life story of losing friends and family to drugs, as well as my personal addictions. I say in the hook "Everything's been just okay in my life" which is a reference to the way we, as humans, never want to worry others with our personal lives. Keeping ourselves together is hard enough on our own, and so I explain in how highly I think of myself, while humbling myself by sharing my life experiences such as being homeless, being a juvenile delinquent, and seeing my friends turn into strangers. Though this song is full of pain, it brings a sense of completion to me. Being able to share how I feel and see things is one of my favorite things about music, and this song nails that for me.

posted by Nasko
June 2020