MXXWLL is back with another sexy jam! The Sydney Producer shares his new single "Light Turn Green " featuring a line-up of impressive collaborators including John Givez, Rae Khalil and Carrtoons. Also, another fun fact - I recently discovered Rae from the Netflix show Rhythm + Flow and she's absolutely dope! I love her flow.

It's awesome to see artists from all around the world collab and when it comes to MXXWLL, pff... the dude is absolute gold when it comes to crafting that sweet blend between contemporary r&b and conscious hip hop.

The news of the single is not the only pleasant surprise. The track came with the announcement of his upcoming album SHEEESH.

The Sydne musician shares...

I’d just arrived in LA and I hit up John Givez, he came through to chop it up, we ordered burgers and the track was created that night. We were playing unreleased vault tracks and then we had the idea to make a song which narrates just one car trip, kind of a-day-in-the-life. I had recently put out a sound pack for producers and this dude Carrtoons had purchased it and made this crazy bassline using the pack. We thought it was so fire that we straight away asked if we could flip it for the track.

We didn’t know each other at the time, but it was just one of those perfect timing things. Rae Khalil and her manager came over the next day, at the time our managers were just having a meeting, so we got in the studio, she jumped on the hook that day and that was that. I low-key love that the song follows the story of one day and the track also got made in one day.

posted by Ivo
April 2020