I had the pleasure of meeting Namuuna and playing a few jam sessions with her in Berlin back in 2016. She has always impressed me with the depth and calmness of her vocals but after being fairly active in the scene, she kind of dropped off the face of the Earth. Turns out Namuuna has been busy doing superhero stuff as she had become a mom a few years back!

I was really happy to see she's back to creating music and according to her "this is just the beginning". Honestly, the girl is such a talent, so anyone who is into r&b and soul will be more than delighted to explore her music.

Her new single "Like This", produced by Chicago-based producer Chingunee, is a wonderful spacious r&b/neo-soul fairy tale and once again an evidence for the bright future of the Mongolian-born, Berlin-based artist.

posted by Ivo
April 2021