The now Los Angeles-based artist actually grew up on Reunion Island, where he absorbed the ocean with his eyes and surfed all day long while keeping himself inspired by Led Zeppelin and Nirvana.

He started his music journey as a session guitar player as he visited all his classes at Berklee College Of Music. All of this helped him experiment in the dance/electronica field, where jazz, hip-hop, rock, and pop genres are not strangers to one another. His Future/UK garage is hitching with bright breakbeats, chopped vocals, and complex polyrhythms that clear the air in his track RÊVES, part of an EP by the same name.

“When I was living in Paris, the change of scenery drew me to start writing some solo music. It felt very liberating for me to write songs on my own. The EP is definitely ‘darker’ and more visceral than songs I’ve previously released. I’ve always wanted to release a project like this because I feel like it’s the only way for me to channel certain emotions - and I feel like this sound is a big part of what I wanted my project to sound like when I originally started it."

posted by Krisi
November 2022