Embrace the fusion of deep house, jazz-inspired vocals, and the boundless creativity of Italo-Mexican electronic producer Natheless and French jazz singer Ô De Mon Chéri. Together, they breathe new life into the Grammy-nominated songwriter Raul Midón's iconic track "Sunshine (I Can Fly)".

The journey of "Sunshine (I Can Fly)" began a few months ago when Natheless engaged in a nostalgic conversation with an old friend about the timeless tracks they used to cherish in their youth. Among these treasured memories emerged the recollection of a song that the revered maestro DJ Little Louie Vega would consistently close his shows with at sunrise: "Sunshine (I Can Fly)" by the Grammy-nominated songwriter and singer, Raul Midón. Inspired by this choice, Natheless embarked on the task of creating a complete dance reinterpretation that would infuse the original composition with deep synths, powerful basslines, and the infectious beats of French touch.

The true turning point in the creative process came when a fortuitous discovery on YouTube uncovered the acapella version of the original song. It was during this serendipitous encounter that Natheless encountered the extraordinary Ô De Mon Chéri, who had recorded a captivating video on a terrace, showcasing her incredible vocal prowess and artistic presence. The chemistry was undeniable, and Natheless fell head over heels for Ô De Mon Chéri's mesmerizing performance.

This collaboration between Natheless and Ô De Mon Chéri breathes new life into a beloved classic, infusing it with fresh energy and a modern interpretation.

posted by Boris
June 2023