One more proof London never disappoints.

The UK-based, Ghanian/British singer Nectar Woode brings her new single "Nothing To Lose". The sweet-as-nectar (pun intended) r&b/soul gem is full of groove, soothing guitars & warm vocals, with a wonderfully hazy/psychedelic outro you'll simply fall in love with.

The song is about finding the strength to move on after things have gone sideways. She explains, “Nothing To Lose” is about when everything’s gone wrong and you’ve been hurt by life, and how to get yourself out of it. To ‘turn a new leaf’ is what I’ve learned through maturity, with the help of friends & family - they’ve taught me how to keep going when times are the toughest. This song is a note to self to keep going, no matter how hard life gets sometimes.”

The accompanying official video is wonderful, too - it “includes all of the amazing memories from last year, and the journey I’ve been on to get to this point!”, as she elaborates.

posted by Nasko
January 2024