Marc Gilfry and Jordan Feller have been in the joint custody of NEIL FRANCES since 2016 when they decided to combine summer vibes and pop dance bits. From their music space in L.A., Gilfry is responsible for the catchy hooks, and Feller follows with his fine production.

Both carry the groovy spirit fitting the PawPaw Rod's just perfectly. We already know that Rodney blends the '60s sound with the hip-hop bounce, and for "High", he unleashes his voice in the style he's most comfortable with. The three of them hit it right off from their first session encounter, as Jordan explains:

Describing someone as ‘Cool’ is thrown around all willy-nilly these days, but Rod is the definition of the word. The first time all 3 of us were in a room, including Marc, we wrote ‘High.’ I was listening to a bunch of music that morning and made a mental note of some songs to sample. I’ve always wanted to write a stoner anthem. It only took us one session to more or less finish the song which is pretty unique compared to the way we usually write. Marc wrote the foundation of the bass line, which later turned into what we like to call a ‘mutant’ bass line with 2 other bassists contributing to it (LOL). From here Marc and Rod did their thing, and it’s a wrap!”

posted by Krisi
last month