Picture this… You’re at the beach with a handful of your close friends, the sounds of laughter linger in the air, and the ocean looks like it’s made of glitter. Nepsa’s “Yellow Green” is among the ideal tracks that would exquisitely compliment this moment.

It isn’t hard to tell that this gem is perfect for the summertime, especially since vocalist Teasley hints at this through his charming lyricism in the first verse. The vocals hit like a gentle wave and have quite a dreamy touch to them by virtue of how they’re mixed. It’s the moments just before the drop where they really shine as the drums fall silent, whilst the warm guitars and vocals are left to lure us into the drop. “Yellow Green” comes to life ever so beautifully when the climax arrives thanks to the catchy lead and the groovy drums. This is honestly such a well-produced track with everything sounding in the right place.

posted by Lu
September 2022