With his latest release via Stereofox, Neptune Orizon has weaved together elements of classical, electronic, and downtempo to craft the emotive gem "Sonder".

The French artist came onto our radar a few years ago with his release "Undisclosed". Five years later, he has a release with us that's bound to put you into a calming, introspective headspace. Neptune Orizon gets deep and personal as thematically, “Sonder" revolves around knowledge of self. The emotive strings paired with the pianos are complemented by glossy synths, thus creating a fascinating mixture of organic and electronic elements.

"I was inspired by the idea of talking to my younger self. Understanding where you come from is crucial to charting where you need to go. I aimed to create a sense of nostalgia and showcase the innocence we had when we were kids. I recall a question haunting me as a child: “Do others feel or think the same as I do?” - Neptune Orizon

You can find out more about the release here.

posted by Lu
February 2024