Nick Grant's LP SUNDAY DINNER is one of those albums I deeply regret missing on our Top 100 albums of 2023 article. I discovered it a bit late, but damn - what a record! A well-polished experience for anyone longing for a hip hop experience that shakes you through your core.

Nick was raised by his grandmother and attending church every Sunday was mandatory. After church, the family would gather at his grandmother’s house, where he met a number of people who changed and influenced his life. From cousins who went to college and those who didn't, a mother struggling with addiction, an absent father, and life in the projects, Nick recounted these impactful moments in SUNDAY DINNER.

A week ago, the South Carolina powerhouse surprised fans by releasing a deluxe version of the record with a few new additions, one of the most prominent one being a wonderful Nick Grant - FRIENEMIES (ft. BJ The Chicago Kid) feature titled "FRIENEMIES".

From sunflower seeds to frenemies.

Besides hard-hitting lyrics, the track feels like a homage to 2000s r&b music and offers a multitude of emotions in just 150 seconds.

posted by Ivo
last month