So, you guys know that when you listen to a track on SoundCloud, after the song is finished, the next "suggested" track begins. Well, while I was writing the feature of SALES at 6:30 AM today (yeah, that's what I do before going to my everyday job), I forgot to repeat it and naturally - this next track began. The music of Nick Leng made me get up from my bed, go on the window and just smile as wide as I can. Songs like "Crawled Out Of The Sea" are the reason I keep searching and writing about music. I don't wanna get too emotional and all that, but sometimes scouting for music can be fairly overwhealming. And then you find tracks like that and it all makes perfect sense.

I was pretty exhausted and wasn't looking for another day in the office, but this little gem turned my day around. It's like Conner Youngblood meets Youth Lagoon. This couldn't be any better! Hailing from San Diego, Nick has been experimenting with sounds for the past year, year and a half. His music is going to be my anchor in tough moments, no doubts about that!

posted by Ivo
April 2014